Nation Nidal
Size Large city
Population 24,320
Government Theocracy
Alignment Lawful evil

The most populous city in Nidal, Nisroch is also the least controlled. Here, the lesser nobility of the Umbral Court contend against one another as often as they hunt out apostates and other traitors. Although Nisroch’s ports are inspected with obsessive, military regularity, agents of Desna slip through the cracks to establish safe houses and underground cults that work quietly against the powers that be.

This immaculate port city serv3es as the public face of Nidal. traders from Cheliax, Korvosa, and northern Varisia sometimes put in to Nisroch to trade or repair damaged vessels, but strangers seldom linger long there, finding the city’s people inhospitable and suspicious of outsiders.

Art, revelry, and music are all but forbidden in Nisroch, and much of the nation’s culture involves military theory, poetry, and esoteric mysticism related to shadows and darkness. Recent reports from spies amid Andoran’s Gray Corsairs suggest that pirates from the Shackles dock in Nisroch with increasing frequency, but little is known of the reasons behind their visits and the implications they might have for Nidal’s relationship with Cheliax, which constantly wars with the pirates along Garund’s western coast.

Law in the city of Nisroch is enforced by a terrifying organization called the Silent Shroud. Under the absolute authority of the Shrouded One, a sweeping force of brutally violent monks scours the city of criminals. These Silent Enforcers harvest their agents from the lower class, abducting them as children and torturing and training them into absolute servitude. Made mute by surgical alteration, Silent Enforcers carry no weapons and wear no armor—for they need neither to carry out their relentless mission to keep the law in this shadowy city.


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